Happy Birthday To Me – Distractions From The Celebration

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday has always been a big deal.

It began, I suppose, because my parents made the day special every single year… no matter what was going on and no matter how many years passed by… birthdays were meant to be celebrated.

But, I’ve also had some distractions from my birthday, or at the very least, some kind of competition.

Here’s a couple of the events that surround the day of my birth and have become a part of the ‘landscape’ of my birthday:

  • I was born on the opening day of deer season. If you know about opening day of deer season, and you knew my Dad, you know that was NOT good timing on my part. But, my Dad NEVER forgot my birthday, or let me forget he had to come in from the woods to get Mom to the doctor. I sort of enjoyed that. My Dad truly loved babies, and even though I interrupted his hunting, I do believe he forgave me… and actually liked having another story to tell.
  • When I was 10 years old, the day after my birthday, President Kennedy was assassinated. That is an impressionable age, and a day that sticks in my mind forever. I can divide my world into the one before President Kennedy was assassinated, and the world after. Yes, many people can, but my birthday figures in there somewhere in my psyche.
  • My birthday falls somewhere around Thanksgiving. This year it falls the day before, which is the closest it ever gets. My Hubby had to work, my daughter and family were busy getting ready for Thanksgiving… so, it was up to me to celebrate my birthday. I received calls and cards from many loved ones, but the distraction of Thanksgiving was still evident.

This year I have a double whammy – I am ‘celebrating’ one of my 9’s birthdays, which you may remember just makes me sad.  Then, as I mentioned, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so my family is distracted with preparations.

What this means is I had to find a way to celebrate my birthday this year, by myself, and in a way that wouldn’t make me cry.

The good news is, I achieved my goal.  I thought of the things I enjoy most, excluding my family.  What could I give myself on this 9’s birthday that would make me happy and that I could do by myself?

The answer was clear.

Life, and birthdays, are good.

Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me this day to celebrate.

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